Year Title Authors Publisher Type
2014 Special Issue on Legal and Regulatory issues of Sovereign Wealth Funds AAVV Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journal
2013 Maintaining the WTO’s Supremacy in the International Trade Order: A Proposal to Refine and Revise the Role of the Trade Policy Review Mechanism Julien Chaisse and Mitsuo Matsushita Journal of International Economic Law Article
2012 Sovereign investment Karl Sauvant, Lisa Sachs and others Oxford University Press Book
2011 Sovereign Wealth Funds in the making- Assessing the economic feasibility and regulatory strategies Julien Chaisse, Dabashis Chakraborty and Jaydeep Mukherjee Journal of World Trade Article
2011 Protection and Admission of Sovereign Investment under Investment Treaties Claudia Annacker The Chinese Journal of International Law Article
2011 The law of sovereign wealth funds Fabio Bassan Edward Elgar Publishing Book
2010 Sovereign investing in Times of Crises: Global Regulation of Sovereign Wealth Funds, State- Owned Enterprises, and the Chinese Experience Larry Catá Backer Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems Article


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